Casting our
net wider

Our inaugural campaign

The $40 million Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation Inaugural Fundraising Campaign is an opportunity to invest in programs that will secure a strong future for Cree children and youth, and in the development of healthy, strong and prosperous Cree communities in Eeyou Istchee. The “Casting Our Net Wider” campaign heralds a new era of philanthropic development for Eeyou Istchee.

About this campaign

The Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation will grow in strenth and impact as we raise and distribute donations across important and impactful projects and initiatives. The money raised from this campaign will allow us to begin creating a healthy income stream from interest revenue accrued by the careful stewardship of donations.

We’re springing into action and conducting this campaign because the needs are great and the issues facing the communities of Eeyou Istchee are pressing ones. All of the organizational, leadership, administrative, and legal frameworks have been set into place, and it is now time to connect with potential investors.

“Casting Our Net Wider” reaches out to individuals and organizations who want to be recognized for their strategic philanthropy and their desire to be part of the healing and positive change that will come from the Foundation’s activities.

“Our future as a nation will be built on sound, strategic, and heartfelt partnerships that fuel our community development and the development of our people. The Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation is an important catalyst for action.”

Grand Chief Dr. Abel Bosum
chairman, cree nation government

The power of philanthropy

Across Quebec and Canada,  hospitals, schools, and cultural institutions benefit from a tradition of philanthropic support from businesses, foundations, and individuals. Cree communities should have the same opportunities.

The Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation offers corporate partners, friends and philanthropists a way to invest in vibrant communities and in the future of Cree families, youth, and children. Investors in the Foundation will help to close the opportunity gap between the communities of Eeyou Istchee and the rest of Canada, and will have a profound impact on the reconciliation process.”

This inaugural campaign offers unique flexibility and the ability for our investors to realize their personal or organizational philanthropic objectives in complete confidence of sound stewardship and measurable outcomes.

Tina Petawabano, President, Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation

Our campaign cabinet

The volunteer leadership team for the $40 million “Casting Our Net Wider” campaign is composed of strong and visionary representatives of corporate Canada, Cree Nation governance, and the Cree entities which will be deeply involved in delivering the programs made possible by this initiative.  


Dr. Abel Bosum

Grand Chief

Grand Council of the Crees
(Eeyou Istchee) Chairman,
Cree Nation Government

Tina Petawabano


Eenou-Eeyou CommunityFoundation

Jean St-Gelais

Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer

La Capitale Financial Group Inc.


Dr. Ted Moses


Secretariat to the Cree Nation
Abitibi-Temiscamingue Economic Alliance

From the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People to our own Truth and Reconciliation Commission findings, it is eminently clear that it is time for concrete action. An investment in the work of this Foundation contributes to Reconciliation, and is an example of true leadership.

Jean St-Gelais, Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer,  La Capitale Financial Group Inc.

Campaign investment opportunities

The Eeyou-Eenou Community Foundation has developed a programs “menu”, which  accurately reflects contemporary issues and needs all across Eeyou Istchee that can be addressed through its fundraising, management, and fund distribution work. Investments can be directed toward these six functional areas which have been identified and carefully developed by the Foundation’s leadership.

Please click on a number to reveal the different funds.

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Help us cast our net wider

The Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation heralds a new chapter in the unfolding story of the Crees of Eeyou Istchee. The Foundation will fuel the network of Cree philanthropic entities and organizations, enable the flow of new ideas, concepts, and projects aimed at community development and community transformation. The Foundation will engage and inspire, helping to transform life in our communities, and in doing so, provide better housing, education, health care, prosperity and hope.

We invite you to be part of the “Casting Our Net Wider” inaugural campaign. Donors can choose from funds that align with personal or organizational priorities or make undesignated donations to the Foundation which will be used where the needs are most urgent. Your participation is a concrete way to invest in the reconciliation process and help us build critical social and economic partnerships which will ensure a strong and vibrant future for the Crees of Eeyou Istchee.